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Eating the Frog

I wrote this facebook posting a couple years ago.. but the point is a valid reminder. A task at my job is to complete a daily newsletter.  I found the format to be challenging. Most of the content was simply cut and paste, but there was a bit of research for the original daily content. I found the content to be the frog on my plate..  I didnt enjoy this task at all.. but over time I have come to embrace it and make it my own.  I try to add humorous bits, or tie together different sections with a common theme.. in short I have used the exercise to become better. I now look forward to the task.

“Emotionally drained after a week of highs and lows, and physically exhausted after a late shift at work, I really didn’t want to wake up this morning. A master of procrastination, I dawdled as long as I could before heading out the door to the gym, and then on to my other errands. Arriving at the gym, my coach asked, (as he does before every work out) if there was anything he needed to know before we began. I whined.. I was tired, and stressed, and just knew I had nothing to give. But! I was there.. and lets get it over with!
Every task was an improvement.. I either moved more weight, or increased my reps. Simply.. I got better. Sometimes, when you think you are at your worst you do your best.
After the the Gym I delayed and dawdled some more.

I put off going to help Alice as long as I could. In her late 80’s and struggling to maintain her independence, she had  profound hearing loss and  could no longer hear well enough to use her phone. I dreaded telling her she had the model with the loudest volume, there was nothing more to be done, she might want to try a  captioning device.
After visiting with her for a while I realized she used an amplification device with headphones rather than hearing aids. That gave me the idea for her to leave in the headphones and put the device on the table next to the phone, and put that on speaker mode. Voila!!!! The combination of the two devices worked, for the first time in months Alice could enjoy a telephone conversation.. or call 911 even, in an emergency.
I dreaded that appointment all morning. The little nugget of wisdom here.. the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… if you have a difficult task..get it over with. just do it.. or it hangs over you until you do. Eat the frog first.. When you have something distasteful on your plate eat it first. Then you can enjoy the rest of the meal.
By pushing on when we don’t think we have the strength we become more powerful. We become stronger. We get better.”

Be afrayedknot.