Ain’t one of ’em a problem

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We all have challenges.  The path to our goals will have many obstacles facing us.

When we face our challenges and obstacles we do so with motivation. We get fired up, ready to do battle and inspired to defeat our foe.

If we view them as problems,  we are already defeated. To consider we have a problem is a negative mindset.

What if we were to find a gladness in every situation?  Pollyanna found her joy in the “glad game” She would find a gladness in every situation she encountered. Starting with a gift of crutches, when she had been hoping for a doll, Pollyanna, with her father’s help chooses to be glad for the crutches. Glad that she doesn’t need them.


Optimism and joyful thoughts are replacing my doubts and fears.

I choose to be glad for my distracted, chaotic mindset that takes me jumping from thought to thought… connecting things that no one else would likely see a connection in.


Tomorrow we start 2016 Build a Line Master Class Challenge.

Thank you to Donna Parry, for reminding me to let obstacles be an inspiration and motivation. Sometimes when you are distracted from your path you find the greatest accomplishments.

It is the Deficit in my Attention that has led me to my Art of  Distraction.


Be Afrayedknot


8 thoughts on “Ain’t one of ’em a problem

    1. Donna Parry

      I started reading your blog and my coffee got cold…because I could not stop reading. I love it! So much of what you say I have said to myself. As I get faster and more confident with my blogging skills, I will leave more comments. I will be back!!!

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      1. Jeanette B

        Thank you so much. I love your blog as well. I’m having trouble leaving more comments. It may just be an issue on my phone though, I login and it is not recognizing that I am.


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