Build a Line Challenge and Master Class

“Mary is her own worst enemy.”

That phrase has turned up on  high school and college report cards, employer reviews, and even a letter of reference.

I drafted my application to the class many times. I edited, rewrote it and started over many times.You might have thought it was a PhD thesis. In the end what I submitted was a paragraph and a half of run on sentences and unfinished thoughts.  I was accepted!!  Maybe, just maybe I demand too much of myself, and I am my own worst enemy.

My struggles with Attention Deficit make me pretty  good at the unfinished. I have have started projects all over the house. Scrapbooking, painting and jewelry designs. To apply for this challenge, I had to trust myself that I will finish. Aside from completing 5 prototype pieces for a line of jewelry there will be 3 blog hops.  Kind of like a semester report in High School. Something I failed miserably at.
But I have been working at techniques to work with my distracted mind instead of against it.  Learning why I lose interest in a project has helped me to stay on task.

I am so excited to begin this endeavor! I will be sitting in the virtual classroom along side  very talented jewelry designers. We will be discussing fashion trends, how to design a cohesive line and branding.

This class will make me better. At design, recognizing trends, branding.. and maybe just maybe I will learn to  love my creative self, and stop being my own enemy.

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6 thoughts on “Build a Line Challenge and Master Class

  1. Aurora Designs Jewelry

    Wonderful blog post, Mary!! You’re going to excel in this challenge, in spite of that perceived “enemy” of yours, and I will be in the seat behind you helping to kick it’s a$$, my friend!! How’s that for a run on sentence! lol


  2. Shari Lynn Gardner

    Mary, I’m so happy you joined the class and I get to virtually sit next to you. I undrerstand completely how you feel about being your own worst enemy. I have done the same thing, my whole life. I’d write a novel and then it sat in a box and I wouldn’t even try to reach out to get it published. It took my husband and my daughter to convince me to try. Sometimes trying can be a very humbeling experience, especially when an editor says no. After those replies I was back to leaving them in boxes. But, eventually I gained some confidence and finally someone said yes. I have written anything since becomming disabled. It takes me so long to keep my thoughts in one place. So, now that I’m disabled, it is like starting all over again, except it jewelry. Its hard to put yourself out there and say this is me…What do you think. Hopefully, this class will allow us to grow and be a little more confident in ourselves.


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