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Build a Line Challenge and Master Class

“Mary is her own worst enemy.”

That phrase has turned up on  high school and college report cards, employer reviews, and even a letter of reference.

I drafted my application to the class many times. I edited, rewrote it and started over many times.You might have thought it was a PhD thesis. In the end what I submitted was a paragraph and a half of run on sentences and unfinished thoughts.  I was accepted!!  Maybe, just maybe I demand too much of myself, and I am my own worst enemy.

My struggles with Attention Deficit make me pretty  good at the unfinished. I have have started projects all over the house. Scrapbooking, painting and jewelry designs. To apply for this challenge, I had to trust myself that I will finish. Aside from completing 5 prototype pieces for a line of jewelry there will be 3 blog hops.  Kind of like a semester report in High School. Something I failed miserably at.
But I have been working at techniques to work with my distracted mind instead of against it.  Learning why I lose interest in a project has helped me to stay on task.

I am so excited to begin this endeavor! I will be sitting in the virtual classroom along side  very talented jewelry designers. We will be discussing fashion trends, how to design a cohesive line and branding.

This class will make me better. At design, recognizing trends, branding.. and maybe just maybe I will learn to  love my creative self, and stop being my own enemy.

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