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Abandoning fear

lI have discovered bravery is not  about proceeding with out fear. Courage is proceeding despite the fear.  Last May, I hopped into my little car and drove a bit more than a thousand miles to meet some people who previously had only existed in a box on top of my desk. Christi Friesen, world renown polymer clay artist was offering a weekend of classes. Bohemian Vibe, sponsored by Brenda Sue Landsdowne of Of course, I already felt as though these women were my best friends. I’d logged quite a few hours watching them in their instructional videos on youtube.  Both, very down to earth and easy to like.  I was among the first to reserve my place at the retreat. If I hesitated at all the fear would win and my weekend would turn into a huge regret.

I have decided this year to schedule in my creativity breaks. Just as I fill my calendar with work hours, gym time, and other obligations I need to put into my schedule creativity sessions. It is all to easy to sit at the computer Crushing Candy when I need to be productive. I know I am capable. I just have to stop giving into 288 procrastination and distraction. I’ve spent the last two days reorganizing my work space and clearing my head so I may visualize what I intend to work on. This is my year.I’m going to use the same self discipline  that has helped me stay with a workout routine, eat healthier. The next project is “me time”. By  inking it into my routine the time becomes dedicated to my art.

And I had so much fun in Ohio I am planning on going again. I cant way to see Brenda, Donna, and all the gang. It is so rewarding when artists share ideas and best practices. We all save ourselves so much time by sharing our experience, what works… what doesn’t. You might think that  a group of artists all interested in marketing their art would be more proprietary about their knowledge and techniques. This group is amazing. We all grow together.  It’s pretty neat how it works… when you share what you have you wind up getting what you need.

Be Afrayedknot.


Days of Future Passed

Or Not

I spent the first couple days of the New Year with a walk down memory lane. While considering the future and all the possibilities available to me, I realized how easy it is to become chained to the past.

I am a member of a FaceBook group who’s members have ties to a small town in New England. Often we talk about past experiences, residents or places of note.  Every now again there is a squawker about how things aren’t the same. The town has changed. Things are no longer as they were in retrospect. These comments are made in a negative manner as though time should stand still.

I find my self being frustrated by these comments, but really can’t find a pleasant way to explain – Nothing stays the same… things evolve. There are some good changes and some not so good… but the only consistency in life is how fast things change.
Just as when we were young and thought we ruled the world, we wanted transformation. We changed musical history, created technology, invented, designed new clothing styles and tore down the old and built the new. We innovated.

And now the young people continue to innovate and evolve and change. The older generations continue to shake their heads and say things have changed.

I do my best to embrace technology. I stay connected with social media. Learn how things work. I try to keep up. It keeps me young. But most of all it keeps me independent. The more flexible I become and the more I embrace technology and keep up with the new and the changes the better I am at adapting to my world and remaining relevant. I truly hope as you age you refuse to become bitter at how things change. You may have been that fresh faced kid watching that Elvis guy swivel his hips while the parents declared it an indecency. Perhaps you enjoyed classic rock while  the old folks lamented the end of the swing era.

You changed the world once… it isn’t going to stop changing. Open your mind and your heart.